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Glaciers in the Himalayas, not set to vanish in 25 years after all.

The often quoted alarm that glaciers in the Himalayas will vanish by 2035 turns out to be based on math errors (obtaining a rate of glacial retreat by dividing meters lost by 21 years, instead of the actual period of … Continue reading

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Recent Coolness from Astronomy Picture Of The Day

This roll cloud (while not a astronomical item) is striking. For more about it, visit Astronomy Picture Of the Day here. And no post about APOD would be complete without an image of a galaxy. Here is an image of … Continue reading

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Weather oddness

There was a tornado on Oahu today. Small, but it picked up a 250lb golf pro and threw him several yards. There wasn’t ┬áthe destruction and loss of life like those folks in Oklahoma had. So, weird but not deadly.

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