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I can take the Feedback

So I see that my traffic is way down since I posted the item about Healthcare. I didn’t plan on making this a political blog, and now I can see that was a good plan. So back to math, science, … Continue reading

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Healthcare Response from My Congresswomen

I sent an email to my Congresswoman, the Honorable Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), expressing my concern about the Healthcare legislation, it’s speed, size, and unknowability. She was understanding of my concerns and sent me a couple of pdfs to explain the … Continue reading

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Oscar Wilde and “An Artist of the Floating World”

I was looking for something to read while waiting for a couple of books I had ordered to show up from the library. I decided to re-read Kazuo Ishiguru’s “An Artist of the Floating World.” It had been a long … Continue reading

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Reality: The New Methadone

If Obama Supporters can be thought of as Hopium Addicts, does that mean the reality of his governance is the Methadone Equivalent? Of course, if Obama Supporters are thought of as regular folks who voted as they did for their … Continue reading

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Much With Us is the World

As a counterpoint to Worsdworth’s “The World is too much with us” let me offer up some beautiful, completely artificial (man-made) imagery from BibilOdessy… The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste … Continue reading

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Secret World

I love Peter Gabriel’s Secret World. The song creates such a profound feeling of reconciliation and acceptance in me. Not always things I seek in music, but that’s why we have big iPods. Why am I interested in that now? … Continue reading

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Stalin and Jadis the White Witch

My daughter is writing a paper comparing oppression in Narnia under the White Witch and the Telemarines to oppression under Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. I am helping her use the state library’s databases, since the paper needs to use “peer-reviewed … Continue reading

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