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The Upside of Increasing Deafness

It’s been a few years since I rode the Indiana Jones and The Temple of The Forbidden Eye (awful name) attraction at Disneyland. My main impression from the first time I rode was that it was painfully loud. So loud … Continue reading

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Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Musical

I’m trying to come up with songs for Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Musical So far I have: Are You Gonna Be My Squirrel? You Give Dumb a Bad Name Boris To The Bone Kiss Me Dudley (for the cartoon before … Continue reading

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Crime and Redemption

In college I had Crime and Punishment as assigned reading both in Russian Literature and in Literature and Psychology. And I had read it on my own in high school. The cliched observation is that Dostoyevsky spends the first quarter … Continue reading

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I was alright, for a while….

Roy Orbison’s Crying came up on the iPod. That reminded me of the scene in Mullholand Drive where Betty and Rita find themselves in this strange cabaret and a voluptuous woman is singing a song that eventually you realize is … Continue reading

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…and while I digress

I think about 60% of everything Yes recorded falls into the “can’t be played too loud” category. I’m listening to the live version of Starship Trooper – the extended coda – and Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe just kill. I … Continue reading

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Quiet Songs

Are there songs or music that sound better when they are even quieter? Bach’s Goldberg Variations comes to mind, since it was written to help someone settle down for the night. I like Tori Amos’ Baker, Baker way down low. … Continue reading

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More songs that cannot be too loud

Comfortably Numb With or Without You Voodoo Child (Jimi, not Stevie Ray) Enter Sandman Kashmir Let There Be Rock Livin’ on the Edge Toys in the Attic Them Bones The Glorious Ninth of Ludwig Von Hysteria Ordinary World Twilight Zone … Continue reading

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