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I think Erik Satie came back as a cat. My wife has attended many classes in Tibetan Bhuddism recently. Our local lama has met his reincarnated former lama as a now-teenager. I maintain my scepticism about reincarnation, mostly because it … Continue reading

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Electronica Alice

I haven’t decided what I think of this, but I found it oddly pleasant yesterday and oddly pleasant today. The composer, an Aussie named Pogo, has his own channel on YouTube. The songs have a certain similarity – like this … Continue reading

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Just added to the Netflix que

Sunset Gun (who helped me enjoy Transformers II) has a great post on Jimmy Page, inspired by It Might Get Loud.

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Perilous Songs

What’s a perilous song? It’s a song that, once placed on repeat, is exceeding difficult to get tired of. A song that builds a world or stokes an emotion that the listener just does not want to leave. Examples of … Continue reading

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Music iLike

I have used the imeem website as a place to share music and link to my Facebook and MySpace accounts – but found it wanting. Imeem is used by NIN on their website for some streaming, and I thought it … Continue reading

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A short paper on prime numbers

Professor Terry Tao of UCLA gave a presentation on prime numbers and their pseudorandomness at the latest International Math Olympiad. I had not thought about the fact that it is comparatively easy to to find a random prime number of … Continue reading

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Dell and Bugs

As a former Apple Computer employee, I get a kick out of substituting the word “Dell” for “Hell” whenever I encounter it. A short list of examples would include: AC/DC’s Highway to Dell (though in fairness I should include Dell … Continue reading

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The Upside of Increasing Deafness

It’s been a few years since I rode the Indiana Jones and The Temple of The Forbidden Eye (awful name) attraction at Disneyland. My main impression from the first time I rode was that it was painfully loud. So loud … Continue reading

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Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Musical

I’m trying to come up with songs for Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Musical So far I have: Are You Gonna Be My Squirrel? You Give Dumb a Bad Name Boris To The Bone Kiss Me Dudley (for the cartoon before … Continue reading

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Crime and Redemption

In college I had Crime and Punishment as assigned reading both in Russian Literature and in Literature and Psychology. And I had read it on my own in high school. The cliched observation is that Dostoyevsky spends the first quarter … Continue reading

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