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Nonsense Sharpens the Mind

This New York Times article describes recent research suggesting that – since we are hardwired to search for patterns that confirm our expectations – we work extra hard to find meaning when we are confronted with nonsense. The search for … Continue reading

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It’s All Too Beautiful

I was out in my backyard last night looking at the clouds. Earlier in the evening I had made a snotty comment about a vaguely ridiculous person from college. I didn’t want to keep going in that direction, so I … Continue reading

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Oscar Wilde and “An Artist of the Floating World”

I was looking for something to read while waiting for a couple of books I had ordered to show up from the library. I decided to re-read Kazuo Ishiguru’s “An Artist of the Floating World.” It had been a long … Continue reading

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Gould, synethesia, and autism

I fell so much in love with Glenn Gould’s version of Bach’s Goldberg Variations when I was in my early twenties. For some perverse reason I purchased his recording of Mozart’s Piano Sonatas. Why would I want to purchase one … Continue reading

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Sufficiently Advanced Magic

I say computing is equivalent to Magic. You have powerful imps (processors) responding to arcane commands (programming) spoken from special books (DRAM or Flash) Or HD to DRAM to L2 cache to L1 cache – nested special books. But I … Continue reading

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