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Learning to Teach

Several of my friends are certified teachers, some in California, some elsewhere. I met with an advisor from the University of Hawaii today about what I would need to do to get into their program, leading to state certification. I’ll … Continue reading

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Parametric cartoon characters

Here’s a parametric plot Techno-bejowled Homer Simpson. Followed by a parametric plot Squidward. Homer can be generated using x = 0.9*Cos[3 t] Sin[6 t] and y = Cos[1 t] Cos[5 t] Squidward can be generated using x = 0.8xCos(2t)Sin(6t), y … Continue reading

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A Few Figures

I’ve been playing with the parametric plot function on Mathematica, just seeing what Lissajous figures I could turn into Gravatars. I’m starting to get a feel for some of the consequences of the scaling parameters. I’ll add that I’m building … Continue reading

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Abe, Jehovah, Will, and Euclid

I read today that Abraham Lincoln carried 3 books with him when he traveled: The Bible, the works of Shakespeare, and Euclid’s Elements. Abe apparently thought that Elements represented the possibility of proof beyond doubt. Now that’s an interesting snapshot … Continue reading

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