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Physicists: As Bulletproof in This Economy as Government Employees

Peter Woit, of Not Even Wrong blog and book fame, (if you think YOU hate String Theory…) has a post today about the job market for particle theory physicists. As expected, the number of tenure track positions are down. He … Continue reading

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Datanauts, Man Your Analyses!

Or why I love the internet. Iowahawk has a very good walk-through of regression analysis as applied to climate data – with a detailed how-to for using real NOAA data and creating/replicating some of the temperature graphs in various research … Continue reading

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EE-gor or EYE-gor?

I knew the name Malcolm Gladwell, and that his writings on IQ, heredity, and statistics were held in low regard by people who work in those areas. Then I read this review by Steven Pinker of Gladwell’s latest book: What … Continue reading

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Adults: Potential Perverts; or No Cost Is Too High If It Saves Even One Child

Here’s a link to a story about Louisiana requiring that all electronic teacher-student communications be documented. This reminds me of an earlier story out of Britain where parents were kept outside of a playground, away from their own children, because … Continue reading

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Cantor, Boltzmann, Godel, Turing

Here is an interesting and annoying BBC documentary on Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Godel, and Alan Turing. The explanations are well-done and not the usual ones one sees for this stuff. The gratuitous Jesus-bashing and worries about “will we … Continue reading

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Wiki for Academic Blogs

Via Terrence Tao, here is a wiki to a substantial number of academic blogs organized by subject, and by University. No entries for Caltech! I’ve examined the astronomy, math, and the physics entries – there are lot of blogs I … Continue reading

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Secret World

I love Peter Gabriel’s Secret World. The song creates such a profound feeling of reconciliation and acceptance in me. Not always things I seek in music, but that’s why we have big iPods. Why am I interested in that now? … Continue reading

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