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DIY Prayer Changes Things

I noticed “Prayer Changes Things” written on the front of the van of a local church. I thought that studies had demonstrated the truth of this statement. Whether one wants to draw the conclusion that this proves God’s existence is … Continue reading

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Little, Big Update

I’m getting into the second half of John Crowley’s Little,Big and I’m enjoying it even more. There appears to be a war going on, though we aren’t sure of the factions. One side is the faeries, the other has not … Continue reading

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Crowley Little/Big Update

Adultery has been committed, Santa has been invoked, George Mouse has been added to the Tale. Let’s see what happens next..

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Test from Ping

I’m just testing to see if the link from Ping works to my blog. It works fine to MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. Why do I need so many social networks when I prefer to be at home with my wife … Continue reading

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Parametric Curves/Lissajous Figures

I must have an odd faith in humanity if it can be boosted by watching the wonder on the faces of my students after I showed them how to have their calculators (TI-83s in most cases) display parametric curves and … Continue reading

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Sufficiently Advanced Magic

I say computing is equivalent to Magic. You have powerful imps (processors) responding to arcane commands (programming) spoken from special books (DRAM or Flash) Or HD to DRAM to L2 cache to L1 cache – nested special books. But I … Continue reading

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