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Thred Tryout

Will Wright, the creator of the various Sims games, has a new mobile phone app called Thred. It’s an easy thing to create memes, or short stories. I’m having a bit of fun with it. Here’s a story inspired by … Continue reading

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NASA’s searchable image website

NASA has a website where you can search for images and video – Neil Armstrong, auroras on Jupiter, ET versus the Alien, etc. A great place to browse if you like that sort of thing. Here’s an image NASA made … Continue reading

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Just Wow

Check out these glass microbiology sculptures by Luke Jerram. Scary beautiful. (ht: Street Anatomy). The object on the left is the smallpox virus, HIV is on the right, and something of Luke’s devising is in the middle. In fact, check … Continue reading

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If You Like Astronomy…

It’s a couple of years old, but I just ran across the Galaxy Zoo project. It asks volunteers to look through images of galaxies and classify them. Having galaxies classified (elliptical, spiral, etc) by multiple people gives a more reliable … Continue reading

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As Many Processors As….

Here’s a cool “Where in the Universe?” from Universe Today. But the thing I liked most was the comment that Argonne National Laboratory’s Blue Gene/P supercomputer has as many processors as “Giants Stadium were it filled to capacity with people … Continue reading

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Visual Display of The Recovery Act Spending

Edward Tufte is apparently helping with the data visualization at Recover.Gov – the website tracking Recovery Act Spending. Click the link. It’s always good to base one’s comments on real data.

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