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History Sticks Around

I used to co-host a call in radio show about computers on the local community radio station. I posted the audio (along with images of various fauna from my yard) on Vimeo. I see that it’s still there. Check it … Continue reading

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What, if anything, is it like to be a repairman?

With minor apologies to Thomas Nagel. Here’s what got me hooked on repairing computers. Harry Tuttle is the demigod for repairmen (or repairwomen).

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Physicists: As Bulletproof in This Economy as Government Employees

Peter Woit, of Not Even Wrong blog and book fame, (if you think YOU hate String Theory…) has a post today about the job market for particle theory physicists. As expected, the number of tenure track positions are down. He … Continue reading

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As Many Processors As….

Here’s a cool “Where in the Universe?” from Universe Today. But the thing I liked most was the comment that Argonne National Laboratory’s Blue Gene/P supercomputer has as many processors as “Giants Stadium were it filled to capacity with people … Continue reading

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Harry Tuttle and Me

I watched Brazil again and was reminded that I’m the Harry Tuttle of computer repair. ” I came into this game for the action, the excitement. Go anywhere, travel light, get in, get out, wherever there’s trouble, a man alone.” … Continue reading

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Civilization and Adjustment

My favorite computer game is Civilization. One of the changes between version III and IV was that at even earlier levels, the rivals get belligerent earlier and more often. I love to win via the space race – by emphasizing … Continue reading

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Parametric Curves/Lissajous Figures

I must have an odd faith in humanity if it can be boosted by watching the wonder on the faces of my students after I showed them how to have their calculators (TI-83s in most cases) display parametric curves and … Continue reading

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Sufficiently Advanced Magic

I say computing is equivalent to Magic. You have powerful imps (processors) responding to arcane commands (programming) spoken from special books (DRAM or Flash) Or HD to DRAM to L2 cache to L1 cache – nested special books. But I … Continue reading

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YouTube snatch

I must be late to the party, I didn’t realize until Sunday that you could download YouTube videos. Now I can have all of that NIN concert footage filling up my hard drive instead of out in the ether.   … Continue reading

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