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“What is irrational …

…is to expect genuine creativity in a world dominated by politicians.” One of many fun quotes in this article by Richard Fernandez at PJM’s Belmont Club. Richard is discussing the out of context quotes from Robert Reich regarding “letting old … Continue reading

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Blackmail: Information wants to be free at a price

The ever-thoughtful Steve Sailer has provocative Blackmail versus Extortion post. Extortion is “Give us money or we’ll do something illegal to you.” Blackmail is “Give us money or we’ll do something legal to you.”

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Evolutionary Selection Pressure for Religious Practices

Well, the selection pressure is more for doctor-avoidance, but I got a kick out of this speculative short post at Gene Expression. The suggestion is that adherence to religious practices in times of sickness – as opposed to seeking a … Continue reading

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Teacher Salaries

If teachers are underpaid, why do private school teachers (such as myself) get paid 70-80% of what public school teachers make? If the free market says my teaching is worth less than the controlled market of public education – how … Continue reading

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Our Special Friends

I was disappointed in how President Obama treated Gordon Brown when he visited. It seems like a pretty shabby way to treat any head of state – let alone our closest ally. Let’s hope our Smart Diplomacy gets Smarter.

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24 this year

I’ve gone from being bemused at the implausibility of the terrorists infiltrating our government to laughing at loud at the ridiculousness of a team storming the White House on 24. Dozens of people could be corrupted in the Secret Service … Continue reading

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Hard Fun

A few months ago a friend asked me if I liked teaching. I really had to pause, but eventually I gave an answer that compared teaching to a frustrating video game where you keep coming back to solve the problem … Continue reading

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