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Teacher Salaries

If teachers are underpaid, why do private school teachers (such as myself) get paid 70-80% of what public school teachers make? If the free market says my teaching is worth less than the controlled market of public education – how … Continue reading

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Our Special Friends

I was disappointed in how President Obama treated Gordon Brown when he visited. It seems like a pretty shabby way to treat any head of state – let alone our closest ally. Let’s hope our Smart Diplomacy gets Smarter.

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24 this year

I’ve gone from being bemused at the implausibility of the terrorists infiltrating our government to laughing at loud at the ridiculousness of a team storming the White House on 24. Dozens of people could be corrupted in the Secret Service … Continue reading

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Hard Fun

A few months ago a friend asked me if I liked teaching. I really had to pause, but eventually I gave an answer that compared teaching to a frustrating video game where you keep coming back to solve the problem … Continue reading

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Playing Chicken

Most days, on my way to pick up my daughter from school, I take a bypass road that joins the little two lane highway that nearly circumvolves our island . When traffic is heavy, it is the local custom for … Continue reading

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One of Us Might Be Clueless

I saw a “Drive it like you stole it” sticker on a Lexus SUV today.

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