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I’ll Dip My Toe Into The Tide

I wonder how much of the “oh, those pathetic college students, wanting to be sheltered” is accurate, and how much of it might just be trickery – like the Samoans who pulled Margaret Mead’s leg about their culture. I’m sure … Continue reading

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We Are An Especially Tricky People

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. – Uncle Ralph I am large. I contain multitudes. – Uncle Walt Much madness is divinest sense to the discerning eye. – Aunt … Continue reading

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EE-gor or EYE-gor?

I knew the name Malcolm Gladwell, and that his writings on IQ, heredity, and statistics were held in low regard by people who work in those areas. Then I read this review by Steven Pinker of Gladwell’s latest book: What … Continue reading

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Adults: Potential Perverts; or No Cost Is Too High If It Saves Even One Child

Here’s a link to a story about Louisiana requiring that all electronic teacher-student communications be documented. This reminds me of an earlier story out of Britain where parents were kept outside of a playground, away from their own children, because … Continue reading

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Mel Brooks on the stimulus

This analysis on Reason.com The most relevant information on Recovery.gov is that most of the jobs created or saved are in the public sector. For instance, according to Vice President Biden, out of the 640,329 jobs, 325,000 went to education … Continue reading

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Achewood + Drinky Crow

Drinky Crow’s Tony Millionaire draws today’s Achewood. Only for those who are already fans, I suspect.

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There’s an old saying among scientists that “you have bullsh**, bullsh** squared, then cosmology.” Now we know what bullsh** to the fourth power is: Theories about why the Large Hadron Collider is having some startup issues. Both of the authors … Continue reading

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“What is irrational …

…is to expect genuine creativity in a world dominated by politicians.” One of many fun quotes in this article by Richard Fernandez at PJM’s Belmont Club. Richard is discussing the out of context quotes from Robert Reich regarding “letting old … Continue reading

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Blackmail: Information wants to be free at a price

The ever-thoughtful Steve Sailer has provocative Blackmail versus Extortion post. Extortion is “Give us money or we’ll do something illegal to you.” Blackmail is “Give us money or we’ll do something legal to you.”

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Evolutionary Selection Pressure for Religious Practices

Well, the selection pressure is more for doctor-avoidance, but I got a kick out of this speculative short post at Gene Expression. The suggestion is that adherence to religious practices in times of sickness – as opposed to seeking a … Continue reading

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