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Glaciers in the Himalayas, not set to vanish in 25 years after all.

The often quoted alarm that glaciers in the Himalayas will vanish by 2035 turns out to be based on math errors (obtaining a rate of glacial retreat by dividing meters lost by 21 years, instead of the actual period of … Continue reading

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Datanauts, Man Your Analyses!

Or why I love the internet. Iowahawk has a very good walk-through of regression analysis as applied to climate data – with a detailed how-to for using real NOAA data and creating/replicating some of the temperature graphs in various research … Continue reading

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We’re Too Busy Telling You The Sky is Burning To Check Actual Data Integrity

In early November of this year, NASA/GISS released a statement that this October had been the warmest October on record. From Jerry Pournelle’s website, a link to an article in the UK Telegraph describing how this claim was based on … Continue reading

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Climate Update

Scientific American has a response to the leaked CRU emails and whatever doubt they may cast upon AGW. I have to confess that I stopped reading SciAm in the early ’00’s when they changed to a new editor who seemed … Continue reading

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NASA’s searchable image website

NASA has a website where you can search for images and video – Neil Armstrong, auroras on Jupiter, ET versus the Alien, etc. A great place to browse if you like that sort of thing. Here’s an image NASA made … Continue reading

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Climate Research Unit’s Response.

Here is the Climate Research Unit’s response to the leaked emails and comments. Their response to the “trick and hide the decline” email is here: One particular, illegally obtained, email relates to the preparation of a figure for the WMO … Continue reading

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Climate Researchers’ Secret Handshake

There are indications that the climate database in New Zealand was tampered with – or charts derived from it were tampered with – to “create” a warming trend that should have been there. Facts are such annoying things. I like … Continue reading

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