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Culture and Genetic Selection

Here’s a good introductory article in the New York Times about how human culture has influenced genetic selection. The selection among cattle herding Europeans for lactose tolerance is commonly known, I think, though I did not know that it had … Continue reading

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Civ IV update

I don’t seem able to be productively belligerent yet for the Prince level of Civ IV. I’ll continue with the experimentation and see if I can’t achieve ruthless satori. What is the sound of one enemy surrendering? Why did Bodhidharma … Continue reading

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Civilization and Adjustment II

I have not developed the knack for attacking rival civilizations yet. I still want to build things and advance technologically, instead of building more swordsmen and musketeers. I am getting more belligerent – which I think is good news for … Continue reading

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Civilization and Adjustment

My favorite computer game is Civilization. One of the changes between version III and IV was that at even earlier levels, the rivals get belligerent earlier and more often. I love to win via the space race – by emphasizing … Continue reading

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