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Isn’t it amazing that something as well-known as Stonehenge can still have things discovered about it? It’s like the controversy over the age of The Great Sphinx of Giza. Egyptologists say it was built about 2900BC, but geologists look at … Continue reading

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Toys in the Attic

Toys coming alive when we aren’t looking can be a great starting point for a story. Here is a wonderful stop motion movie from Poland in the 1930’s. I would place this somewhere between Henry Selick and the seriously weird … Continue reading

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When a Noun Wants to Get Paid

This interesting article about pronouns written by a psycholinguist about makes me think of a classic exchange.

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A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

Recommended by Terence Tao, one of my favorite math bloggers. From his Google Buzz feed

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Only Watch This If You Are Comfortable With Your Nerdhood

The Bohr-Einstein debates on the underpinnings of QM – as enacted by dog puppets. Paul Ehrenfest is a hedgehog and Dirac (my favorite mathematical physicist) is an elephant. Silly and well done. I give it 4 stars. “It would be … Continue reading

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Achewood + Drinky Crow

Drinky Crow’s Tony Millionaire draws today’s Achewood. Only for those who are already fans, I suspect.

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“I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque”

Doesn’t this just make you happy? I want a gigantic lime-and-eggplant-colored sombrero, too.

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Anime and Robots

Two years ago I was at the Convention Center in Honolulu with my robotics team, and at the same time an Anime convention was happening at an upper level set of rooms in the center. It was wild to see … Continue reading

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Drinky Crow

I watched Drinky Crow for the first time last night. Perfect complement for Robot Chicken! I’ll have to see more, but this episode had the disgust quotient of Nip/Tuck without the bitter misanthropic anomie. Just good old fashioned self indulgent … Continue reading

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