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399 Years Ago Today

Good friend for Jesus┬ásake forbeare To digg the dust encloased heare Blese┬ábe the man that spares these stones And curst be he that moves my bones Shakespeare’s epitaph O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend The brightest heaven … Continue reading

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Toys in the Attic

Toys coming alive when we aren’t looking can be a great starting point for a story. Here is a wonderful stop motion movie from Poland in the 1930’s. I would place this somewhere between Henry Selick and the seriously weird … Continue reading

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The First Casualty of Time Travel

I was thinking about time travel recently, and while I’m a firm believer in Niven’s Law that the most stable universe is one in which time travel is not possible, I think there are reasons to hope that we can’t … Continue reading

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Three Meditations on Melancholy

The section “Qui sedes ad dexteram patris” from Bach’s Mass in B minor has always seemed like the sonic version of melancholy to me. Here is a clip from YouTube I have to confess that I did not realize the … Continue reading

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An untold story. Something Sweet.

From the artist Ria Brodell. Visit her website and check out more of these images. For a short interview with Ria, visit Deep Glamour.

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Not a man of parts, but layers…

From Waldo Lee, via Street Anatomy. Check out more of Waldo’s stuff here.

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Just Wow

Check out these glass microbiology sculptures by Luke Jerram. Scary beautiful. (ht: Street Anatomy). The object on the left is the smallpox virus, HIV is on the right, and something of Luke’s devising is in the middle. In fact, check … Continue reading

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I think Erik Satie came back as a cat. My wife has attended many classes in Tibetan Bhuddism recently. Our local lama has met his reincarnated former lama as a now-teenager. I maintain my scepticism about reincarnation, mostly because it … Continue reading

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Op-Ed by Denis Dutton

Here is a recent op-ed by Denis Dutton (whose The Art Instinct is reviewed below) discussing Conceptual Art, the current state of the Art Establishment, and ancient hand axes. If you would like a quick taste of his writing style, … Continue reading

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Why Do Humans Make Art?

Denis Dutton’s The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure, and Human Evolution sets out to answer that question. Along the way, he makes use of darwinism, evolutionary psychology, archaeology, and aesthetic philosophy to arrive at a very satisfying answer – and provides … Continue reading

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