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World Baking Day Thred

May 17 is World Baking Day. What a happy day! In honor of this delightful occasion I created a Thred. Bless you, Bakers.

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Sunday Morning After Saturday Night

So I was up till about 1:45AM last night, finishing a math lesson and a programming assignment and posting on Sheila’s blog. This morning I still wanted coffee, but was more in the mood for Chopin instead of Heart. The … Continue reading

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3-D Printing and Art

I hadn’t thought about the possibilities of 3-D printing and sculpture. Here’s an artist who clearly has, with a bit of a morbid streak (I like).    

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What Would Tesla Think?

Electro-plating the embalmed. Could you put them into a rail gun and shoot the ferro-magnetically plated corpses of your fallen enemies into the walled cities of those you were besieging, to horrify them and break their will? And just because … Continue reading

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Elsewhere and Other and So On

I’m wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn. HOLY SONNETS. XIV. Batter my heart, three-person’d God ; for you As yet but knock ; breathe, shine, and seek to mend ; That I may rise, and … Continue reading

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Congratulation, Caltech Basketball!

After 310 straight league losses, a win. I was on the 1979-1980 team that broke a 99 game losing streak, so I can imagine the pride and jubilation (or at 31.9% of them) at Tech at the moment. For those … Continue reading

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Orson Welles ‘Heart of Darkness’

To go with my previous post, I found a recording of The Mercury Theatre’s production of Heart of Darkness. The recording is made from someone’s radio, not in the studio – so there are points when the listener was adjusting … Continue reading

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