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Leaves of Grass, The Big Reveal

I’ve been watching Jack Nicholson’s scenes as Eugene O’Neill in ‘Reds” again and again. It’s streamed on Netflix, I recommend that you do the same. His big scenes are at about 52 minutes in. He is simply mesmerizing, and Diane … Continue reading

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Caprica, Two Episodes In

I’m hoping to get past the dopey parts. For example, Daniel Graystone invents some virtual reality network, and goes into military contracting. He’s Tony Stark without the lifelong dedication to Priapus. Then his genius daughter Zoe finds a way to … Continue reading

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We Have Been Domesticating Ourselves for a Long Time

After watching the Discovery Channel’s special on Ardipithecus Ramidus tonight, I was reading some reviews of recent evolution-themed books. One of the reviews had this paragraph referencing Nicholas Wade’s excellent Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of our Ancestors … Continue reading

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Blackmail: Information wants to be free at a price

The ever-thoughtful Steve Sailer has provocative Blackmail versus Extortion post. Extortion is “Give us money or we’ll do something illegal to you.” Blackmail is “Give us money or we’ll do something legal to you.”

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Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Musical

I’m trying to come up with songs for Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Musical So far I have: Are You Gonna Be My Squirrel? You Give Dumb a Bad Name Boris To The Bone Kiss Me Dudley (for the cartoon before … Continue reading

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The name of a local restaurant with tasty oyster shooters (discovered Mother’s Day). It’s also what I’m saying after learning that Dollhouse will have 13 more episodes. Go Joss, go.

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General SciFi entertainment update

I watched Caprica last night. It was very good. I have a soft spot for the desperate father/imperiled daughter dynamic. I think that’s one of the reasons I love Neal Stephenson’s “Diamond Age” so much. I first read it when … Continue reading

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Take this broken Dollhouse….

Rats, no Dollhouse tonight. So I pulled out the Buffy DVDs and watched some season 6. Tabula Rasa, the episode right after Once More With Feeling. Tara leaves Willow. Giles leaves Buffy. Buffy and Spike play tongue hockey while Michelle … Continue reading

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Tardis? But I hardly know you.

Or why I don’t love Dr. Who. For those who know me, it should seem like a foregone conclusion that I would enjoy a sci/fi-ish fantasy with a know-it-all protagonist, yummy-cutie sidekicks, and assorted monsters. The same way I enjoy … Continue reading

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Dollhouse – starting to kick it.

Dollhouse is really starting to get fun. Having Echo and then November deliver messages to Paul is seriously unnerving. And DeWitt having Victor as a lover. And Dominic in the attic. This is the point where I really hope the … Continue reading

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