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EE-gor or EYE-gor?

I knew the name Malcolm Gladwell, and that his writings on IQ, heredity, and statistics were held in low regard by people who work in those areas. Then I read this review by Steven Pinker of Gladwell’s latest book: What … Continue reading

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Stumbling On Happiness…

… or Why Sheryl Crow is right. Ron, a reader of this blog, sent me a copy of Daniel Gilbert’s Stumbling on Happiness. Thanks Ron. Daniel Gilbert is a professor of psychology at Harvard. In a breezy style, his book … Continue reading

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Online versus Face-to-Face learning – the actual report

The SRI study mentioned in my earlier post set out to answer the following questions: 1. How does the effectiveness of online learning compare with that of face-to-face instruction? 2. Does supplementing face-to-face instruction with online instruction enhance learning? 3. … Continue reading

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Substitute Teacher Prep Days

The Hawaii public schools started last week. At this point, I haven’t had any calls to substitute teach. So what am I doing now? I’m searching the web for short activities for students – particularly in math and science. One … Continue reading

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Richard Feynman and Bill Gates

Mr. Gates has made Feynman’s 1964 Messenger Lectures available for free on line. Interesting. The introduction is a nice slice of early 60’s academic culture.

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Secret World

I love Peter Gabriel’s Secret World. The song creates such a profound feeling of reconciliation and acceptance in me. Not always things I seek in music, but that’s why we have big iPods. Why am I interested in that now? … Continue reading

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Stalin and Jadis the White Witch

My daughter is writing a paper comparing oppression in Narnia under the White Witch and the Telemarines to oppression under Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. I am helping her use the state library’s databases, since the paper needs to use “peer-reviewed … Continue reading

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Teacher Salaries

If teachers are underpaid, why do private school teachers (such as myself) get paid 70-80% of what public school teachers make? If the free market says my teaching is worth less than the controlled market of public education – how … Continue reading

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Learning to Teach

Several of my friends are certified teachers, some in California, some elsewhere. I met with an advisor from the University of Hawaii today about what I would need to do to get into their program, leading to state certification. I’ll … Continue reading

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Thanks for checking in

I see I got about 25 hits while I was out. I know that’s not huge for some websites, but I appreciate everyone who took a look. I was on an extended field trip with five students (four 10th graders … Continue reading

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