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The Atlanta Testing Scandal

Here is a long article about the Atlanta testing scandal, with a focus on the first teacher fired for changing test scores. This is just a sad tale, with the corruption beginning at the top, but people at the bottom … Continue reading

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Hey, Teacher, Leave Those Chimps Alone…

You can lead a chimp to Aristotle…. Or any of Jane Goodall’s books. From this article we learn that chimps raised by humans aren’t any smarter than those raised in the wild. An argument for Simian Homeschooling, perhaps. Could we … Continue reading

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Shame, Shame, and More Shame

The test score cheating scandal in Atlanta just disappoints and disgusts me to no end. As this NY TImes article points out, not only were teachers and administrators given bonuses for their work in “raising tests scores,” by inflating the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the PBS Documentary “Growing Up Online”

From my Scribd account and one of my teacher certification classes

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Lesson Plan on Vertex, Maxima, Mimina for Quadratic Functions

For and algebra I class, from my Scribd post.

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Unit Plan for Quadratic Equations – From Scribd

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A Little Conrad

The ending to Heart of Darkness seems to fit my day. ‘”To the very end,” I said, shakily. “I heard his very last words…” I stopped in a fright. ‘”Repeat them,” she murmured in a heart-broken tone. “I want – … Continue reading

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