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The Curve of Heaven

From Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale “A bridge,” he proclaimed, “is a very special thing. Haven’t you seen how delicate they are in relation to their size? They soar like birds; they extend and embody our finest efforts; and they utilize … Continue reading

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Albert Michelson, billiards player and Nobel Prize winner

Norman Maclean, of A River Runs Through It fame, has a recollection of the physicist Albert Michelson here. Maclean was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago when Michelson was near the end of his career. Low key and thoughtful, … Continue reading

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Physicists: As Bulletproof in This Economy as Government Employees

Peter Woit, of Not Even Wrong blog and book fame, (if you think YOU hate String Theory…) has a post today about the job market for particle theory physicists. As expected, the number of tenure track positions are down. He … Continue reading

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Datanauts, Man Your Analyses!

Or why I love the internet. Iowahawk has a very good walk-through of regression analysis as applied to climate data – with a detailed how-to for using real NOAA data and creating/replicating some of the temperature graphs in various research … Continue reading

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We’re Too Busy Telling You The Sky is Burning To Check Actual Data Integrity

In early November of this year, NASA/GISS released a statement that this October had been the warmest October on record. From Jerry Pournelle’s website, a link to an article in the UK Telegraph describing how this claim was based on … Continue reading

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Only Watch This If You Are Comfortable With Your Nerdhood

The Bohr-Einstein debates on the underpinnings of QM – as enacted by dog puppets. Paul Ehrenfest is a hedgehog and Dirac (my favorite mathematical physicist) is an elephant. Silly and well done. I give it 4 stars. “It would be … Continue reading

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Climate Update

Scientific American has a response to the leaked CRU emails and whatever doubt they may cast upon AGW. I have to confess that I stopped reading SciAm in the early ’00’s when they changed to a new editor who seemed … Continue reading

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