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Lying and Forgiveness

So much of the music I enjoy could be summarized as “Frack you, I rule.” Or “I rule, Let’s frack.” But there are some songs that touch on forgiveness and understanding. Here’s one from First Aid Kit Emmylou Oh the … Continue reading

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All Are Equal in Death

A cemetery in Brooklyn, Most Holy Trinity Cemetery, where stone monuments were outlawed by the German Catholic Most Holy Trinity Church. The thinking was that rich and poor alike should have similar markers – markers that were subject to decay. … Continue reading

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Star Star

Here’s a long essay on memoirs from the wives and girlfriends of Rock Stars. My favorite is Pammy’s I’m With The Band. I enjoyed it so much when it came out. After reading the article, I’m interested in Pattie Boyd’s … Continue reading

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An Odd Day…

I spent a couple of hours in the living room reading Ulysses, waiting for anyone to show up for the Open House. Just a couple of realtor friends of our realtor. It was good to be forced to sit and … Continue reading

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As I Went Riding Today

Here’s what I saw on my ride today: Leaving the garage… On the road… Further on… Out in the pasture… Seen from the end of the road…

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Deal With This

This short clip of Cyd Charisse from The Bandwagon got me exploring. Here’s a longer clip. And this from The Bandwagon (with more Fred than Cyd, though she freakin’ kills it) And from Singin’ In The Rain (I may take … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning After Saturday Night

So I was up till about 1:45AM last night, finishing a math lesson and a programming assignment and posting on Sheila’s blog. This morning I still wanted coffee, but was more in the mood for Chopin instead of Heart. The … Continue reading

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Happy Now

I woke up this morning needing some coffee. And some Barracuda. If you want the classic version. Here.

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At The Moment…

I’m listening to Mr. Hendrix and reading Mr. Marvell. It was an odd, satisfying day: I had a programming assignment in the Big Data Analysis class I’m taking and it took a while to intuit what the professor was looking … Continue reading

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Evolution of Multi-cellularity and Sex

Here is a short, interesting article in National Geographic about a genus of algae, Volvox, and a particular species (V. carteri) with two sexes. With one gene, MID, being switched off in males or inserted in females there was a … Continue reading

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