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History Sticks Around

I used to co-host a call in radio show about computers on the local community radio station. I posted the audio (along with images of various fauna from my yard) on Vimeo. I see that it’s still there. Check it … Continue reading

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Friends are Just Cousins You Didn’t Know You Had

This study suggests that the people we choose as friends are, on average, as genetically like us as fourth cousins. I need to think about this. A friend of mine believes in reincarnation and thinks that we tend to be … Continue reading

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Hey, Teacher, Leave Those Chimps Alone…

You can lead a chimp to Aristotle…. Or any of Jane Goodall’s books. From this article we learn that chimps raised by humans aren’t any smarter than those raised in the wild. An argument for Simian Homeschooling, perhaps. Could we … Continue reading

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Streaming Music versus Buying It.

I’ve been considering purchasing one of the paid plans for Spotify, and as part of my decision-making process I was curious about how the musicians are paid. According to this letter from the president of a small label, Spotify pays … Continue reading

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Gifted and Talented Education

A month back I made a post on Facebook about funding for Gifted and Talented Students as compared to funding for Special Education. Here is the paper I was writing at the time. ******* Gifted and Talented Students: Equality’s Stepchildren … Continue reading

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Dyslexia and Testosterone

The ever-interesting folks at Gene Expression have a short post on some recent findings regarding the deformations in the brain that result in some forms of dyslexia. Testosterone also plays a role due to its influence on neuroplasticity.

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Glaciers in the Himalayas, not set to vanish in 25 years after all.

The often quoted alarm that glaciers in the Himalayas will vanish by 2035 turns out to be based on math errors (obtaining a rate of glacial retreat by dividing meters lost by 21 years, instead of the actual period of … Continue reading

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Google, Rockin’ the Casbah

So Google just announced a new DNS resolution service. I followed their instructions to reset my DNS server to theirs, and pages are loading lightning fast. I don’t know if this is just an early adopters benefit and will fade … Continue reading

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All The Experts I Know Agree

I don’t like Appeals to Authority arguments, even when they support my opinions. So, I’ll point to this WSJ article by the Dean of Harvard’s Medical School and say that, although I agree with his conclusions, I wish he had … Continue reading

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Back It Up, Buttercup

This article about the T-Mobile/Microsoft Sidekick debacle from comes as a reminder that you need to back up your data. As does this article on a similar topic. Trusting some third party, even a big respectable company like Microsoft, … Continue reading

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