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An Odd Day…

I spent a couple of hours in the living room reading Ulysses, waiting for anyone to show up for the Open House. Just a couple of realtor friends of our realtor. It was good to be forced to sit and … Continue reading

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At The Moment…

I’m listening to Mr. Hendrix and reading Mr. Marvell. It was an odd, satisfying day: I had a programming assignment in the Big Data Analysis class I’m taking and it took a while to intuit what the professor was looking … Continue reading

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Barbaric Genius, Survivor

John Healy is the subject of the documentary Barbaric Genius. Mr. Healy lived either in jail or on the streets as a wino, up to about age 30. In prison he met a man who taught him chess. He decided … Continue reading

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Creativity, Is there an IQ Threshold?

I’ve read analyses that suggest US presidents should have an IQ of near 120: high enough to be intelligent, but not so bright as to be odd, or excessively disconnected from their fellow citizens. From this article on creativity, it … Continue reading

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What remains when disbelief has gone?

I was going to post this almost 10 months ago. I’m not sure what stopped me. I’m reading an excellent book about Dante’s The Divine Comedy and the author, Prue Shaw, remarks that Dante’s concerns are timeless. Who are we? … Continue reading

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Leaves of Grass, The Big Reveal

I’ve been watching Jack Nicholson’s scenes as Eugene O’Neill in ‘Reds” again and again. It’s streamed on Netflix, I recommend that you do the same. His big scenes are at about 52 minutes in. He is simply mesmerizing, and Diane … Continue reading

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Streaming Music versus Buying It.

I’ve been considering purchasing one of the paid plans for Spotify, and as part of my decision-making process I was curious about how the musicians are paid. According to this letter from the president of a small label, Spotify pays … Continue reading

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