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Female Tricksters

I’m trying to find female tricksters in mythology and literature. I’m also trying to see how they are different from male tricksters. Scheherazade comes to mind. I’m think Judith, as well. Circe, maybe. Eris comes to mind as well. Dido, … Continue reading

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Isn’t it amazing that something as well-known as Stonehenge can still have things discovered about it? It’s like the controversy over the age of The Great Sphinx of Giza. Egyptologists say it was built about 2900BC, but geologists look at … Continue reading

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trout/salmon mask replica

In Celtic mythology the salmon ate hazelnuts from trees that ringed the Well Of Wisdom and gained the knowledge of the world. I think this is why a sagacious person is said to have the Wisdom of Salmon. Often, fish … Continue reading

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399 Years Ago Today

Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare To digg the dust encloased heare Blese be the man that spares these stones And curst be he that moves my bones Shakespeare’s epitaph O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend The brightest heaven … Continue reading

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Nick Cave and the Happy-Happy Joy-Joy

Just wanted to post his Higgs Boson Blues And this cool interview he did with Rolling Stone.

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You Shouldn’t Let Other People Get Your Kicks For You

I know it’s about a year old, but I spend a happy 20 minutes flipping channels through Bob D’s interactive “Like A Rolling Stone” again. Hey, maybe you should, too.

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Lying and Forgiveness

So much of the music I enjoy could be summarized as “Frack you, I rule.” Or “I rule, Let’s frack.” But there are some songs that touch on forgiveness and understanding. Here’s one from First Aid Kit Emmylou Oh the … Continue reading

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Now That’s A Good Line

From the short story The Only Tricks We Know over at Joyland. “This goddamn curse wasn’t gradual, I said. It came out of nowhere. Like happy thirteenth birthday, you’ve hit puberty so now you get to be a freak.”

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All Are Equal in Death

A cemetery in Brooklyn, Most Holy Trinity Cemetery, where stone monuments were outlawed by the German Catholic Most Holy Trinity Church. The thinking was that rich and poor alike should have similar markers – markers that were subject to decay. … Continue reading

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Rome’s Skeletal Sculptures

Atlas Obscura has a great set of photos of skeletons in reliefs, sculptures and on tombs. Go check it out.

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