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More Mohini Trickery

Here is another story about the female trickster goddess Mohini, an avatar of Vishnu. At one time there was a war between the lesser gods (Devas) and the demons (Asuras). The Asuras were beating the Devas, so the gods went … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Education

From the Analects of Confucius: “I do not instruct the uninterested; I do not help those who fail to try. If I mention one corner of a subject and the pupil does not deduce therefrom the other three, I drop … Continue reading

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History Sticks Around

I used to co-host a call in radio show about computers on the local community radio station. I posted the audio (along with images of various fauna from my yard) on Vimeo. I see that it’s still there. Check it … Continue reading

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World Baking Day Thred

May 17 is World Baking Day. What a happy day! In honor of this delightful occasion I created a Thred. Bless you, Bakers.

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Crud, Weird Again

As part of my research into trickster goddesses, I came across the concept of ideasthesia. As the name suggests, it is related to synesthesia. The term came from the observation by some psychologists and neurologists that many instances that were … Continue reading

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Trickster Goddess Story

In Hindu mythology, there was an Asura (a demon) named Bhasmasura who wanted to be the most powerful Asura ever. He thought that immortality would make him the most powerful demon. He prayed and prayed to Shiva. He meditated deeply, … Continue reading

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I’ll Dip My Toe Into The Tide

I wonder how much of the “oh, those pathetic college students, wanting to be sheltered” is accurate, and how much of it might just be trickery – like the Samoans who pulled Margaret Mead’s leg about their culture. I’m sure … Continue reading

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Trickster Goddesses

Finding trickster goddesses is becoming an interesting investigation. I am going back and forth about including Eris, she’s more of an agent of chaos and discord. I’m leaning toward including her, she does use trickery and like to stir up … Continue reading

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Thred Tryout

Will Wright, the creator of the various Sims games, has a new mobile phone app called Thred. It’s an easy thing to create memes, or short stories. I’m having a bit of fun with it. Here’s a story inspired by … Continue reading

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I came across Koan a couple of days ago. They are a Russian psycho-ambient band – a duo. This is just a nice sound. Many of their songs have titles that related to Greek mythology – though this track is … Continue reading

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