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Here’s a long essay on memoirs from the wives and girlfriends of Rock Stars. My favorite is Pammy’s I’m With The Band. I enjoyed it so much when it came out.

After reading the article, I’m interested in Pattie Boyd’s memoir as well. A muse to more than one rock star, and an interesting person herself.
And from this, Marianne Faithfull‘s.
Faithfull, Marianne (2009)aAnd the story Marianne Faithfull tells of Dylan trying to seduce her – getting the details wrong and misrepresenting what happened and what Marianne Faithfull said – got that douche Jonah Lehrer exposed as a liar.

And, though I like Bob Dylan, I didn’t know the name of the woman on the cover of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (Suze Rotolo) – sounds like she might have had her head on straightest of all.

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