An Odd Day…

I spent a couple of hours in the living room reading Ulysses, waiting for anyone to show up for the Open House. Just a couple of realtor friends of our realtor. It was good to be forced to sit and read. I don’t know why that seems a requirement for Mr. Joyce (just finished The Wandering Rocks chapter and the talk about Poldy and Molly). I’m already planning on the re-reading and the Getting Of More References. It’s good to have DuckDuckGo (instead of google) and be able to search for the bad event that occurred in the US on June 15, 1904 – the day before Bloomsday.

And I figured out that my actual code was meeting the assignment for Programming Assignment 2 of “The R Programming Language” but I wasn’t testing my code properly. Which indicated I didn’t understand things for a while. It’s an unfamiliar feeling to do something right and not be able to recognize that. Annoying.

And I completed some required testing and writing for an on-line math teaching job: the most entertaining challenge was to explain why long division works. I didn’t think anyone was taught long division anymore – at least, few of my students seemed to be willing to do it.

Programming assignments often make me think of Ted Kaczynski, I’m sure it is because he targeted David Gelertner, a seriously brilliant guy who should be remembered for more than just being a sociopath’s target.

But, at any case, programming and Ted K. always make me think of this Soundgarden song. It should be played loud.

As if there’s any other way to listen to Soundgarden.

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