An Unusual Radio Show Experience

My co-host Angus and I both were unable to make it into the studio in Princeville yesterday, so we had to do the Computer Connection show with each of us calling in, then directing the engineer in the studio on what cues to play (well, Angus did that, I’m untrained as a radio engineer), then taking calls and doing our best to answer them. I wasn’t able to find a vacant room to make calls from, and it was a warm, humid day. I spent the hour driving around in my truck with the air conditioning on, stopping in shady spots, and then moving when the traffic noise got too loud.

I thought the show went well, though I fumbled a couple of times – like forgetting the name of “spotlight” search in the middle of troubleshooting a problem a caller had with it. Doh!

“But officer, I have to drive and talk on the cellphone. I’m hosting a radio show. Distracted? Me?”

I don’t think I want to make a habit of being a peripatetic radio host. I’m going to get trained to do the engineering – basically learning how to work the call system and how to cue up the short songs and audio silliness we play. And I have someone who’ll cover for me at school for my next show (Dec. 3), so I should be in the studio and working the controls by then.

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