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While doing a quick bit of research on Daylight Savings, I read a bit about the blended scotch The Famous Grouse. I learned from Wikipedia that, on average, 3 drams of The Famous Grouse are drunk in Scotland every second. So I wanted to learn how much a dram is, and according to the Wikipedia article

“Dram is also used informally to mean a small amount of liquid, especially Scotch whisky. In this case the “dram” may for example be as large as 10 regulation fluid drams.”

“A “standard” dram is 1/8 of an ounce. So it could be that, on average, as much as 3.75 fluid ounces of The Famous Grouse are drunk every second in Scotland. Or it could be less. But, considering that this is referring to Scotland, I suspect it’s not less.

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