Caprica, Two Episodes In

I’m hoping to get past the dopey parts. For example, Daniel Graystone invents some virtual reality network, and goes into military contracting. He’s Tony Stark without the lifelong dedication to Priapus. Then his genius daughter Zoe finds a way to build her own self-aware doppelganger in the holoband, and Daniel discovers this after she’s killed. Somehow both the program that Zoe wrote, and the working doppelganger appear to vanish when he tries to put her into a cylon body. (“appear to vanish,” I like that)

This guy does not understand the difference between the MOVE and the COPY commands? Didn’t he move/copy her onto the flash drive when he hitched a virtual ride with Lacy? What happened to that version?

And Daniel has a protocol droid, Serge, at home, but is having a hard time building a robot that shoots things? Seems like programming a robot as a butler would be a far more complex task than programming one to shoot everything with a target on it. I can make a shooting robot with my Lego NXT and the sensors that come with it.

Amanda Graystone discovers that her daughter was a member of Soldiers of The One, while at a memorial event for those killed in the MagLev 23 bombing, and announces to the crowd that her daughter may have been the bomber? Seems like the instinct for preservation might have kicked in before doing that.

All that aside, I’m enjoying the show. And I was poking around on the Battlestar Wiki and saw that James Marsters (Spike, from BtVS) will be on some upcoming episodes. “His motivations are both moral and carnal.” Frack, yeah. They got the right guy.

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