Mel Brooks on the stimulus

This analysis on

The most relevant information on is that most of the jobs created or saved are in the public sector. For instance, according to Vice President Biden, out of the 640,329 jobs, 325,000 went to education and 80,000 to construction jobs. The difference we will soon find out is going to other government jobs.

You need more evidence? 13,080 grants went to the private sector, and 116,625 went to feral agencies.

So even if we assume that the government could create jobs by spending our money, we can see that what this money is being spent on is big government. Or bigger government I should say.

So when you think that, on top of everything, the government can’t create jobs (here and here), this data is transparently depressing.

got me to thinking about this scene in Blazing Saddles.

We’ve got to save our phoney-baloney jobs.

I think “feral agencies” should be “federal agencies,” but “once tame, now gone wild” might be more accurate.

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