“What is irrational …

…is to expect genuine creativity in a world dominated by politicians.” One of many fun quotes in this article by Richard Fernandez at PJM’s Belmont Club. Richard is discussing the out of context quotes from Robert Reich regarding “letting old people die” that are agitating the reflexively anti-Obama crowd.

And for equal time, Tim Blair responds to some of the made up racist quotes attributed to Rush Limbaugh agitating the reflexively anti-Limbaugh folks.

This puts me in mind of the old-division-of labor comments about the ACLU versus the NRA. The ACLU vigorously defends Bill of Rights Amendments 1, 3-10, while the NRA vigorously defends Amendment 2. In the end, they all have their defenders – even if they are not all equally defended by the same set of folks.

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