Perilous Songs

What’s a perilous song? It’s a song that, once placed on repeat, is exceeding difficult to get tired of. A song that builds a world or stokes an emotion that the listener just does not want to leave. Examples of perilous songs for me would be:

Mad World – Michael Andrews and Gary Jules version
Sacrifice – Sinead O’Connor’s version
Playboy Mommy – Tori Amos
Qui sedes ad dexteram patris – Bach’s Mass in B minor (well, the whole thing has that effect, but this piece especially)
God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny Cash
Hysteria – Def Leppard
White Flag – Dido
Freedom ’90 – George Michael
Different Corner – George Michael
Twisted Transistor – Korn
A Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harum
Zero – Smashing Pumpkins
Runaway Train – Soul Asylum
Blow Up The Outside World – Soundgarden
Going For The One – Yes

This is only a partial list, and these sorts of songs seem a bit more changeable than the “cannot be played too loud” songs. To everything there is a season.

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