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I have used the imeem website as a place to share music and link to my Facebook and MySpace accounts – but found it wanting. Imeem is used by NIN on their website for some streaming, and I thought it would be kinda cool to let people see what I was listening to at the moment. But that only worked when I played content on imeem – either theirs or stuff of my own that I had uploaded. And why would I want to do that when I have an iTunes library organized to my liking?

Now I have switched to iLike – it has a downloadable toolbar that attaches to iTunes and sends what you are currently listening to onto your Facebook and MySpace profiles. It will let me link my playlists (though not my smart playlists) from iTunes, so it’s cooI that I don’t need to duplicate a bunch of playlists to share with friends. I use a lot of smart playlists (play me something from the 90’s that I haven’t listened to in 4 weeks and that I rate higher than 2 stars, for example), but I guess they aren’t as easy to send . I suspect that with a little work I should also be able to connect the ‘what am I listening to now’ feature to this website. They’ve got code written for Blogger, so I expect WordPress code will follow – or maybe I can make sense of it and modify. I’ll let you know what I think of it as I use it. I’m ‘mutecypher’ on iLike, if you want to contact me there.

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