Dell and Bugs

As a former Apple Computer employee, I get a kick out of substituting the word “Dell” for “Hell” whenever I encounter it. A short list of examples would include:

AC/DC’s Highway to Dell (though in fairness I should include Dell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be)
The All American Rejects’ Gives You Dell
Dio’s Heaven and Dell
The Flaming Lips’ Ego Tripping at the Gates of Dell
Guns-n-Roses’ Right Next Door to Dell
Metallica’s To Dell and Back
Pink Floyd’s Run Like Dell

The Audie Murphy movie (and book) To Dell and Back (Meatloaf’s autobiography has the same title)
Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Dell
Jason Goes to Dell: The Final Friday the 13th (can the producers be sued for false advertising?)
Hot Rods to Dell
Pray the Devil Back to Dell (my favorite movie title)

And the list could go on.

I also enjoy replacing the word “love” with “bug” in song lyrics.

“I’d bug you to bug me”
“Bug me two times”
“I used to bug her but it’s all over now.”
“… and you say that you bug me.”
“Can anybody find me somebody to bug?”
“This one goes out to the one I bug.”

It never ends.

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