I love the odd, obscure, and the weird. I know of folks who like weirder things than I do, but I’m more than a standard deviation (!) beyond the norms. Here are a few beautiful blogs that are reasonably new to me that I want to point to:

Street Anatomy covers art, medicine, and design with a focus on how human anatomy is used in those fields. Here is a particularly beautiful example.

Curious Expeditions shows us unusual, vaguely macabre places and items.

Who Killed Bambi has some entertainingly striking art.

Fed By Birds just has some beautiful things.

Cabinet of Wonders is exactly what it says.

Sunset Gun doesn’t fit the oddities shelf like these other folks, but I want to point to her for her thoughtful review of Transformers 2 that helped me enjoy the film, and her wonderful essays on Marilyn Monroe and David Carradine.

Deep Glamour, being edited by Virginia Postrel is far from obscure, but thought-provoking with respect to glamour. And so a it out of the way for the nerdish.

Blue Tea has moved, but is posting beautiful images again.

The Art of Memory is always wonderful.

Check them out.

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