The Upside of Increasing Deafness

It’s been a few years since I rode the Indiana Jones and The Temple of The Forbidden Eye (awful name) attraction at Disneyland. My main impression from the first time I rode was that it was painfully loud. So loud that it seriously distracted from the fun.

When I rode today, I had a great time and didn’t feel overwhelmed by the volume. I think the last few years of NIN and Metallica have really paid some dividends.

And as an odd aside, I recently caught the South Park episode where Stephen Spielberg holds down Indiana Jones while George Lucas rapes him. A The Accused rape scene homage right up there with the They Live fight scene homage in Cripple Fight. The kids didn’t like aliens in The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and thought that the essence of Indy had been betrayed – hence the metaphor.

I enjoyed Crystal Skull, but I can understand the notion that Indy battles mystical forces and real world tyranny – not aliens. However if the aliens’ technology is sufficiently advanced so as to appear indistinguishable from Magic, they can simply be considered Beings Who Possess Mystical Force.

Arthur C. Clark invoked. Problem solved.

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