Marilyn Monroe: Scientist

June 1st was Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. She would have been 83, a prime number.(!) There were numerous tributes to her and a series of previously unreleased photos from a shoot that was done when she was 24. Now comes another previously unreleased photo soon to go on auction – with Marilyn pretending to look like Jackie Kennedy.

If you are a Marilyn aficionado, Sheila O’Malley has a wonderful gallery of images and essays.

I don’t know what I think of her. But I think I will give myself the chance to work it out.

I’ve been throwing around ideas for novels, and not making a lot of progress. A friend suggested working to create my main characters, instead of trying to work through all of the ideas I want to incorporate into my novel. Since he’s making much more progress on his novel than I am, that seemed like useful advice. So I hit upon the idea of making Marilyn into a scientist – I’ll need a few of those for the novel. And I think she’ll be one of the quad of main characters. So I’ll have to work through what I think of MM.

Cause just writing the novel won’t be challenge enough.

For those who know their starlets, Hedy Lamarr might make a more plausible archtype since she was awarded a patent for a frequency hopping device. Back in 1942. Now that idea is the basis for a lot of spread spectrum devices like WiFi and CDMA. Rock on Hedy!

My scientists will be involved in squishy, gooey things. MM would be more at home there. We’ll see if she’s a candle in the wind.

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