I had a friend buy me on Facebook and tell me I had to dance for her. I suggested the Time Warp (she nixed the pole and lap dance suggestions).

That got me to thinking about the amount of rice I had thrown at the screen during viewings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show while in college. I commented that it was enough to feed a village. I don’t have any regrets about throwing the rice. Well, the one regret is that since the showings began at midnight, and the movie was two hours long, the guys who cleaned up all the rice and toast had to stay really late. I know that’s why the management at the Rialto in Pasadena tried to prevent people from bringing in rice, after a while.

Should I have spent my time not having fun, or spent my money not having fun? I’m blessed to live in a place where abundance is the norm. Others aren’t blessed like that. Sometimes life is unfair in your favor.

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