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Several of my friends are certified teachers, some in California, some elsewhere. I met with an advisor from the University of Hawaii today about what I would need to do to get into their program, leading to state certification. I’ll have to ask them how the process here compares to the one in their states.

The program begins only in January, you can’t start in the fall semester. The deadline to submit an application is September 1. I have a couple of SAT-like tests (called Praxis I and II) to take before September. The first one is three weeks from now. I hope I can recall how dog is to apostasy as heron is to X.

The program will take 4 semesters and cost $11K. Plus the cost of the tests. Luckily, as a person applying to be certified to teach math (I’ll go for that first, then science), I am eligible for a $9K scholarship. The advisor made it sound like these were routinely handed out to accepted applicants. I can’t image being a would-be english teacher and having to fork over $11K. Especially if I had been teaching already in a private school. Well, those are the hoops and I want to get to the other side, so time to start jumping.

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