Little, Big Update

I’m getting into the second half of John Crowley’s Little,Big and I’m enjoying it even more. There appears to be a war going on, though we aren’t sure of the factions. One side is the faeries, the other has not been made clear yet. Father Time has been awakened and questioned by Ariel Hawksquill (I love the names in the book) and it appears that an old Tarot-like set of cards that the Drinkwaters have had in the family for three generations may be an especially powerful item. We’ve ridden on a stork, had a child stolen by faeries, had the replacement child burned up, and learned that Latin crows say “tomorrow, tomorrow” (cras, cras).

What is the significance of the red beard on the mysterious gentleman known as The Lecturer? Why is Lilac being made to fall asleep? What impact will it have that only Sophie and Alice know who Lilac’s real father is? What is Sylvie’s Big Destiny? What is the war between the fairies and this as-yet unknown alternate group being fought for?

Conflict is beginning to cast its orange light upon the earth-side of the clouds.

Guess I’ll have to keep reading. Don’t let me know what happens, if you’ve read this already.

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