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Today was a bit of a blah day. I felt ill most of the day, but had to vacuum and clean in preparation for my mother showing up tomorrow. I sat down and rested after cleaning – not a lot of energy. Then I went to get a signature from the local high school principal to sponsor me as a potential substitute teacher to take a night course to get certified as a substitute teacher (run on sentence, nah!). And I spoke to the UH Manoa (main University of Hawaii campus) coordinator for getting certified to be a full-time teacher. There are options that will allow me to get licensed without leaving the island all that often. And it will only take 1-2 years.

And then I got payment from PayPal and eBay straightened out on a MacBook Pro I just purchased – the iBook I’m typing this on hangs when I use its trackpad. So I have to use a mouse. And the CD/DVD burner is dead. And the battery holds a charge for about 25 minutes. So I could refurbish this guy for several hundred dollars or get a year old MacBook Pro for $900. The boss let me get a brand new used one.

I saw that some friends are celebrating their 24th anniversary today. The husband and I were on one of the Caltech basketball teams that actually won a league game. I think we broke a 116 league game losing streak, back in either 1980 or 1981. We always won one or two non-league games a year.

You might think I would recall who we beat, but I don’t. I supposed I could look it up on the Quantum Hoops website, but I’m not that interested. It was a home game. The ball was leather, my shoes were high-tops, the cheerleaders were biology or chemical engineering majors. The rest is hazy.

G&T are a wonderful couple, both kind and decent folks. G is a professor in computational fluid mechanics and T is getting a second degree, this one in math. And they have four kids. I hope they continue to be blessed.

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