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I see I got about 25 hits while I was out. I know that’s not huge for some websites, but I appreciate everyone who took a look.

I was on an extended field trip with five students (four 10th graders and an 11th grader). We helped build some frames for houses being put up by Habitat for Humanity, and then we stayed at a YWCA lodge on the other side of the island. The YWCA lodge, Camp Sloggett, was pleasant, next to a stream. Things were pretty muddy, as Kokee is near the Alakai Swamp, which gets over 400 inches of rain a year. We built down in Hanapepe and then stayed at the lodge for two nights. And by Kauai standards, getting down to the 40’s at night was seriously chilly.

We met some students from Canada helping out at the Habitat – apparently that school sends students every year to help. We also met a Canadian school teacher staying at the Y. Three cheers for our Canuck pals – nice folks all. And we helped a lady get her car out of the mud – she was camping for the first time and by herself. I hope the rest of her stay on the island is better than her first night.

I mostly teach 11th and 12th graders, so I didn’t know this group very well. I had a pleasant time, they worked hard at Habitat and did a good job cooking and cleaning at the lodge.

I could do without the Rap and Techno music we had to listen to in the van, but I suspect they would not have been too happy with my choices of Metallica or NIN.

I also made a lot of progress in Crowley’s Little/Big. I’ll blog about that soon.

Again, thanks for checking in. I’ll return to a post or two a day now. Spring break should make that easy.

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