I’ve been very pleased with the support I’ve gotten from Geico.

I had one client back his truck into mine while I was parked across the street at another client. The guy had been in several accidents recently and asked if he could pay in cash once I got an estimate. Since I knew him and he had thrown some biz my way I decided to do as he asked. When the estimate came in at $2200 he decided to let his insurance company take over: Geico.

They had no problems with covering an accident that occurred 2 weeks before the guy notified them. They had an estimator meet me at a midway point between the school where I teach and the school my daughter attends (since I was on my way to get her when the gentleman called). The check for the repairs showed up the next day. And they arranged a rental car for me since my truck will be in the body shop for 6-8 days.

There was a mixup with the body shop on when I was to bring in my truck. I called Geico and left them a phone message. They not only rescheduled with the body shop, they also rearranged the date with the rental company.

All that and some entertaining commercials. What’s not to like?

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