Soft Moss

I read an article recently that suggested we get many more net calories from soft processed food than from non-processed food. That we get more calories from a soft granola bar listed with 160 calories than from an apple listed at 160 calories.
The difference being that we use up few calories digesting the granola bar than we do the apple (so calories in minus calories needed to digest) is more. And that the softer processed food also is more thoroughly digested.
I’ll need to look up how food calories are calculated. I can see that if they are calculated using the old “burn the food and see how much heat is given off” method of physics books it would give a biologically unrealistic value.

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  1. Steve says:

    I’ve wondered how they figure net caloric intake for food myself. I’ve heard that if you feed your dog Alpo Beef Chunks Dinner it has so much protein in it that dogs will eat the feces afterwards. So I assume there is some residual calorie value to the waste. It that ever taken into account?

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