Rome’s Skeletal Sculptures

Atlas Obscura has a great set of photos of skeletons in reliefs, sculptures and on tombs. Go check it out.
not proud

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Speaking of Which…

Some of the songs inspired by the women mentioned in the previous post:

Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right


You need to play that again, louder.

Pattie tells her story:

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Sister Morphine – Marianne co-wrote this.

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Star Star

Here’s a long essay on memoirs from the wives and girlfriends of Rock Stars. My favorite is Pammy’s I’m With The Band. I enjoyed it so much when it came out.

After reading the article, I’m interested in Pattie Boyd’s memoir as well. A muse to more than one rock star, and an interesting person herself.
And from this, Marianne Faithfull‘s.
Faithfull, Marianne (2009)aAnd the story Marianne Faithfull tells of Dylan trying to seduce her – getting the details wrong and misrepresenting what happened and what Marianne Faithfull said – got that douche Jonah Lehrer exposed as a liar.

And, though I like Bob Dylan, I didn’t know the name of the woman on the cover of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (Suze Rotolo) – sounds like she might have had her head on straightest of all.

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An Odd Day…

I spent a couple of hours in the living room reading Ulysses, waiting for anyone to show up for the Open House. Just a couple of realtor friends of our realtor. It was good to be forced to sit and read. I don’t know why that seems a requirement for Mr. Joyce (just finished The Wandering Rocks chapter and the talk about Poldy and Molly). I’m already planning on the re-reading and the Getting Of More References. It’s good to have DuckDuckGo (instead of google) and be able to search for the bad event that occurred in the US on June 15, 1904 – the day before Bloomsday.

And I figured out that my actual code was meeting the assignment for Programming Assignment 2 of “The R Programming Language” but I wasn’t testing my code properly. Which indicated I didn’t understand things for a while. It’s an unfamiliar feeling to do something right and not be able to recognize that. Annoying.

And I completed some required testing and writing for an on-line math teaching job: the most entertaining challenge was to explain why long division works. I didn’t think anyone was taught long division anymore – at least, few of my students seemed to be willing to do it.

Programming assignments often make me think of Ted Kaczynski, I’m sure it is because he targeted David Gelertner, a seriously brilliant guy who should be remembered for more than just being a sociopath’s target.

But, at any case, programming and Ted K. always make me think of this Soundgarden song. It should be played loud.

As if there’s any other way to listen to Soundgarden.

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As I Went Riding Today

Here’s what I saw on my ride today:

Leaving the garage…
As I Leave

On the road…
Quiet road

Further on…
Up the road

Out in the pasture…

Out to Pasture

Seen from the end of the road…
Dirt roadportrait mountainstump

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Deal With This

This short clip of Cyd Charisse from The Bandwagon got me exploring.

The Bandwagon

The Bandwagon

Here’s a longer clip.

And this from The Bandwagon (with more Fred than Cyd, though she freakin’ kills it)

And from Singin’ In The Rain (I may take up smoking).

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Sunday Morning After Saturday Night

So I was up till about 1:45AM last night, finishing a math lesson and a programming assignment and posting on Sheila’s blog.

This morning I still wanted coffee, but was more in the mood for Chopin instead of Heart.

The weather this morning, along with only about 4 hours of sleep, made me a bit melancholy.

Clouds over Cabana

Clouds over Cabana

Shadowy Bird of Paradise

Shadowy Bird of Paradise

Rain in the corner

Rain in the corner

Colors and Santa

Colors and Santa

I will fear no melancholy, because Santa is with me and I have colorful pens.

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